Dummy with Nipples 

There’s this male mannequin with exceedingly alert nipples beneath his shirt standing in the front window of a health club just a few blocks from my apartment building.  It’s kind of creepy.  Makes me wonder to whom are they sending a message and what the heck are they actually saying? 

Now I’m not the best judge of this, since I don’t belong to any health club.  At the very least, they certainly got my attention with their display.  But, if they are thinking a dummy with saluting chest parts says “Come on in!  You too can look this good and, as a result, finally get some,” I’m thinking they are way off the mark with this one. 

For instance…say you are a straight guy who catches himself looking at those nipples a bit too often.  Are you then going to march up to what you are sure will be a mauve counter and join that particular gym?  I think not. 

As for women passing by, are they going to think “Ah!  This is a great place to work out and meet men.”   Not bloody likely.  They’ll just see the message as “Guys here have way better nipples than you!”  Again, not an especially effective marketing device. 

And as for me…well I am just plain sure that he’d be laughing at me behind my back as I lift weights and try in vain to recapture that youthful perkiness I once had – and which he can never lose.  In fact, I feel him laughing right now.  Stop that, you perky dummy!!!

The Moon’s Got Gas

Seems that Saturn’s moon, Titan, has gas.  Scientists see evidence of methane-filled lakes, most likely fed by methane rivers.  How well I can relate. 

Here’s a link to the story:


Puttin’ on the Ritz Doggie Style

The Ritz Carlton in Sarasota, Florida is offering massages to dogs for $130 – and that’s just the beginning.  You can get your pooch’s nails buffed and polished, gourmet dog biscuits, and even organic stew and designer water served on a silver tray.  My suggestion is not to let your dog hear about this.

But you can listen to the story on NPR: