Mom died a few months ago and it’s been a really tough time for me. Some days it’s still hard finding the laughter that has always been such a core part of me – and something mom and I shared as often as possible.

A few days ago as I was walking around my neighborhood, I thought I felt her presence. Oh…I don’t know if it was real or not – I guess I’ll never know. But I hadn’t been feeling well and needed a mom hug more than ever. And just as that thought arose, it was as if she were at my side, holding my hand and saying “You’ll be ok, sweetie.”

And then I had a sense of her familiar warm, loving laugh surrounding me. I felt myself relax into it as my own laugh joined the memory of hers. I have no idea whether her spirit can really still know what’s happening on earth, but if so…oh how I hope you heard me, mom!

Uh…one more thing mom: If you happen to look down and see me on a date, could you kind of look the other way? Thanks!