OK.  So I haven’t had a serious dating relationship since 2003 and recently have been thinking that maybe – just maybe – it’s time to try again.  But how?  The few times I tried online dating, I hated it.  The whole experience felt horribly uncomfortable – and at times a tad creepy.  I had no idea how to present myself accurately and I sure didn’t know how to interpret the profiles I was reading.  

Who was this person really?  How could I be sure that this was someone worth giving my heart to – or any part of me?  How could I trust a few words to help lead me to a man who would be my match in every way?  Or at least a lot of ways.  Or at least on certain days.

But since I’m shy when it comes to these things, online dating does seem to offer many advantages.  But how to avoid the pitfalls? 

And then it hit me!

Historical virtual dating.  A site that lets you date people whose lives are already fully lived, so you know absolutely everything about them. This way, for people who have reached my stage of life and who don’t want to mess around with surprises or major flaws (other than my own), we can choose people from the past and date them virtually.  And we don’t even have to leave the house – or get dressed.

Just think about it.  Each day, you could pick a different person to hang with.  Or you could decide to commit to one man for a while – maybe with the option to remove him from the available men in the database if it gets really exclusive.  With a few minor modifications, it could be a lot like NetFlix, where you select the man you want and return him when done.  No muss, no fuss.  Just some great conversation – with the ability to check every fact he tells you. 

I haven’t quite figured out how to take him to a movie or dinner, but then every great idea has some kinks.  In the meantime, I’m going through history and making my queue.  Does anyone have Ben Franklin yet?