OK…I gotta say it: I love my big cup! This is my cup in for a close-up. Smile for the camera honey. Oh sure…to you it looks like any other cup only bigger, but as you will soon see, it’s so much more!

My cousin Rose gave it to me and I love my cousin, so the fact that I love my cup does not take a vast leap of imagination. Truth be told, I would have loved any cup Rose gave me. Or any gift at all.

But…ah! This cup is magical. It transcends the specialness of any mere gift. Just like Rose (who is not a cup at all but a person), it has become my good friend, providing comfort and amusement in addition to all its other talents.

Rose gave me the cup a few years ago after I went through major surgery. She wanted to make sure I had plenty of soothing herbal teas to sip while healing. And during that time, the cup stayed by my side like a faithful nurse.

To this day, I smile whenever I see it. I think of Rose and all we’ve been through together. And I think of all the cup and I have been through together too. And on a cold winter day, when I need to warm up quickly, it’s comfortable design sits perfectly in my two hands. (Rose, although still svelte, would not fit as easily.)

But also like Rose, my cup is no shirker. It has talents way beyond those of ordinary cups!

When I still worked in an office, I decided to bring the cup in with me to keep at my desk. Since I’m always sipping tea or water, a large cup offers the practical convenience of less refill trips. But what I didn’t know was that it would also provide endless amusement around the office.

We had about 100 people working on our floor, so when I did bring the cup to the water cooler for a refill, there was often someone there taking a break from the daily technology grind.

“That’s a BIG cup!” One person or another – even those who had seen the cup before – would almost always greet me with those exact same words and the same wide-eyed look of amazement. Yes. Yes it is.

“How much water does that hold?” some would ask. Uh…a BIG cup full?

“Do you drink all that?” No. I just pour it over my desk and then come back for more.

“Why do you need such a big cup?” Does one ever really need anything?

“Is that your cup?” No. I stole it from a giant programmer while he was coding macros.

“Isn’t that cup too big?” Yes. Yes it is. I’m just too stupid to realize that I could simply buy myself a smaller one.

“”Isn’t that cup way too big for someone your size?” Yes. Yes it is. I’m just hoping I’ll grow.

OK. While the questions are real, I never really said any of those things back to my co-workers, whom I really like. I actually got a kick out of the way they reacted to something as simple as a big cup. But I do think their big reactions may say just a little something about the normative nature of their work days!

Hmmm… that gives me an idea. Maybe this year Rose will get me a big knife and fork in time for the office Christmas luncheon!

“Is that a big fork?” No. It’s my date. You know how misleading those photos on can be.