I want to pass this on because I think anything we can do to help stem global warming is important. I normally wouldn’t promote Microsoft (as if they need my help), but if you’re using the Windows Live Messenger anyway, you might as well know this:

STOPGLOBALWARMING.ORG PARTNERS WITH MICROSOFT’S i’m INITIATIVE 03/07/07: We are pleased to be a partner with the i’m Initiative, connecting our cause to Windows Live Messenger customers. When joining the program at im.live.com, you have the opportunity to select StopGlobalWarming.org to benefit from your use of the software. Every time you have an instant message conversation, Microsoft shares a portion of the program’s advertising revenue with us.

It’s a great initiative, designed to empower people to make a difference without spending a dime, and allowing millions of people already using Messenger to be a part of the solution. Marchers can participate in and learn more about the i’m Initiative by joining at im.live.com, and downloading the latest version of Windows Live Messenger.”


Note from me: What else can you do? Turn off a light. Turn down your thermostat. Use Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs. Use energy-efficient appliances. Don’t keep your refrigerator door open for longer than it needs to be. Make energy-efficient improvements to your home. Walk or take public transit where possible. Save energy!

And please make your voices heard to your Congressional representatives in support of new alternative energy sources that make sense – and remind them not to be snowed by those new technologies that actually wind up being energy hogs themselves. This is a problem we can find solutions for. And it’s one place where we can actually make a difference if we just speak up and get involved. Check out Stop Global Warming for more ideas!