Just found this while browsing AOL. Seems there may be plenty of liquid methane or ethane on Saturn’s largest moon, Titan. Although the data are still inconclusive, I’m sure oil companies are already thinking about how to get their hands on the goodies – and how to write off any related space exploration. Just imagine THAT pipeline!

Excerpts from the story:

New Images Show Huge Seas on Saturn Moon

By Robin Lloyd



(March 13) — A NASA spacecraft has found evidence of huge seas, likely filled with liquid methane or ethane, in the high northern latitudes of Saturn’s moon Titan.









“We’ve long hypothesized about oceans on Titan and now with multiple instruments we have a first indication of seas that dwarf the lakes seen previously,” said Jonathan Lunine, a University of Arizona scientist who works on Cassini data.

One goal of the mission was to find seas or lakes on Titan. So far, it’s been lakes and now the small seas.

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New Images Show Huge Seas on Saturn Moon