The snow stopped falling a few hours ago. I’m looking out my window at a portion of still unshoveled sidewalk across the street. All the rest of the busy block is amazingly clean after last night’s ice storm. In fact, I’ve been hearing the sounds of industrious shovelers all morning. And now the sun is shining, helping to melt the remaining snow. Luckily, we didn’t get hit too badly.

But I do digress. I just had to share with you the name of the one business that ironically hasn’t bothered to shovel except for a very thin strip: Orthopedic Arts! While I guess they’re technically in compliance with New York City regulations*, I still can’t help wondering if maybe – just maybe – they’re also open to the possibility of a new client or two?


But hark! Two young people approach walking hand-in-hand. Curses! They let go of their hands and are forced to walk one in front of the other on the narrow shoveled part. Hands reunited once again, they walk on unimpeded. And now… here comes a brave bicyclist. New York bicyclists are notoriously fearless. Yup! He’s riding right on the icy snow. And he makes it. Good for him. Bad for business.

Ah! I see a couple with a baby carriage. Also a man on his own. The man diverts to the shoveled strip – good for him. But the couple with the carriage are not to be deterred. I guess people with children, a lot like bicyclists, become fearless by necessity. A good thing. Plus at the moment they have the trusty carriage for balance. (Lord knows that won’t always be the case!)

So over the snow-covered icy patch they go. And yes…they are clear – baby and all. Now two older women armed with big boots (or more accurately footed with big boots) make it slowly and safely across. As do three pigeons – well…almost. At least they’re trying. I applaud the noble efforts as I take another sip of tea from my big cup.

And so the morning goes. I’m happy to say it looks like the proprietor of Orthopedic Arts may not get that extra business after all. All this traffic and the warming sun are combining to do the clean-up job for him. Although wait…one pigeon does seem to be precariously wobbling. No little pigeon…fly! Fly off the ice! Don’t let yourself get suckered into a pair of teeny tiny crutches!

Big sigh of relief. He makes it across and joins the others. I wipe a grateful tear from my eye and sip some more tea.

Note to self: Consider switching to some caffeine-free tea – especially when using the big cup!


*Oh…in case you were wondering: New York City regulations state “Snow and/or ice must be removed from the sidewalk within four hours after the snow has stopped falling, or by 11 AM if snow has stopped falling after 9 PM the previous evening. If the snow or ice becomes so frozen that it cannot be removed, the sidewalk may be strewn with ashes, sand, sawdust or similar suitable material within the same time limits. The sidewalk must be thoroughly cleared as soon as weather permits.”

There is no mention of liability for pigeons.