Since tomorrow is Earth Day, I want to share one more energy-related story about Woking, England’s daring effort to show things can be done differently. While they haven’t worked out all the kinks of their localized eco-energy model – and maybe never will – it’s this type of radical thinking that can lead to economically-feasible and ecologically-desirable solutions for the rest of us.

Way to go Woking! I wish you all the luck with this much-needed pioneer spirit. Skeptics will always be there to tell us why things can’t be done, but pioneers will go ahead anyway and find solutions later if needed. That’s how great things come about. Caution rarely drives innovation.

So I hope others decide to show some of the same cojones these marvelous people have shown. Rather than just sitting back and waiting for slow-to-arrive answers, we need more places like Woking! How else are we going to get to the real answers unless we have bold visionaries leading the way?

Here’s their wonderful story:

Local Energy Generation in Woking, England Draws Admirers and Skeptics