On their website, Vote for the Worst takes full credit for pushing Blake Lewis into the final two on American Idol, leading to the hugely talented Melinda Doolittle going home. For me, this is a sad thing on many levels.

From the VFTW website:

“MELINDA WENT HOME!!!!!! VFTW VICTORY!!!! Holy crap… who saw this coming? Our votes made all the difference this week, and even the pimp spot didn’t save her. This is a glorious moment, let’s all celebrate! Blake is driving the VFTW bus to the finale, even if he hit a speedbump along the way. Go Emo-Skunk”

You know…I get that they think they have a big statement to make about American Idol just being commercial reality TV. But what the hell is Vote for the Worst now but another commercial entity, so selfishly heady in its own perverse “victory” it doesn’t care about the people who actually enjoy Idol as it is?

Television is entertainment. Idol is television. Ipso facto…Idol is just entertainment. The producers have a right to put together what they consider to be a good show. And fans have a right to enjoy their show and not be subjected to a spiteful lesson at the hands of self-congratulating buttinskies who claim to be waging some kind of righteous battle. Seriously… what is so cool about being the ones to take candy out of the mouths of smiling fans? VFTW is just a nasty spoiler with a message that stinks of self-satisfaction and a mean spirit.

Melinda knocked it out of the ballpark each week. She is no second-rate star. So their points are really lost when they celebrate the fact that they kept a rare talent from feeling the joy of winning. Melinda deserved the chance.

Shame on you, Vote for the Worst! Or should I call you Gloat for the Worst?


Note: I decided not to provide a link to the VFTW website since each click means $$$ for them. Making money on being spiteful goes against everything I believe in.