This is about something far more important than just television. It’s about where we put our energy.

Do we use it to build wonderful things that help heal and provide joy or do we use it in a negative way, tearing down the efforts of others? Although clearly acting as the spoiler for American Idol has been entertaining to the creators and friends of Vote for the Worst, it’s still working on negative energy since it spoils the fun for so many others.

I always wonder what kind of world we’d have if everyone – for just one day – put their energy toward loving each other – loving all mankind – and healing the planet. I know that’s corny, but damn it…just imagine! As John Lennon said:

“Imagine all the people
Living life in peace…

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will be as one.”

Do we always have to be doing things that take away from others? Can’t we stop being so self-absorbed and short-sighted and instead think about how our actions affect others – and even how aiming our actions toward the negative affects who we are as people?

I think there’s a cumulative effect of always finding fault in others and focusing our energy on what’s wrong rather than how to build something better. It becomes a habit and slowly builds us in a direction we might not admire years down the road – although at the time it may feel very energizing and even rewarding since we get social approval from countless others who are also looking to tear down rather than build up. I think when people are secure with who they are, they can smile at others’s joy and go on and create their own joy in a positive way – adding to rather than taking from.

Sure it’s easier to tear down something someone else did – criticism is the laziest form of self-expression. A quick fun jaunt at the expense of others. But just think of all the problems we could solve if we decided to dedicate our days to creating beautiful and joyful things!

The creators of Vote for the Worst are very clever people. Imagine what they could come up with if they put their talents to solving problems that are really problems. Imagine what wonderful art forms or technological innovations they could come up with. Imagine how exciting to see them come up with things that advanced the planet.

Just imagine.