Here’s a phrase he might want to remember: obstruction of justice.

We already know poor memory-challenged Attorney General Alberto Gonzales is in boiling hot water for the role he appears to have played in the politically-influenced firings of nine U.S. attorneys. In addition to the ongoing Senate Judiciary Committee investigation, the U.S. Justice Department has initiated their own investigation of his actions.

Seems he testified to the Committee that he had trouble remembering all the details of the firings partly because, to avoid any appearance of influencing testimony, he carefully avoided discussing details with anyone (such as Monica Goodling) who might be called to testify. But lo and behold, it seems Monica made it clear that he told her his recollection BEFORE asking for her take on things. It’s a shame he didn’t recollect that when he testified. Ooops!

Details in today’s Washington Post:

Gonzales Meeting With Aide Scrutinized

Extra: Great cartoon found on Crooks and Liars courtesy of YahooNews