I LOVE THIS! Just found it a few days ago. For those of us on WordPress, it’s a little arrow you can click to browse random blogs. In just a few minutes, I visited Bangladesh, China, and various other places throughout the United States and the rest of the world.

I read poetry. I learned about local politics. I shared memories of someone’s beloved grandma. I saw some techno sites that were a little beyond my understanding, but still cool. And I encountered a rant or two. All because of this little arrow.

In your blog stats, it shows up under Referrer this way:


If you’ve never tried it, give it a shot! It’s the little arrow to the right of “Blog Info” at the top of your WordPress blog. (You can also just click the link I provided above.)

It’s my new favorite way to browse. Randomly. Never knowing where I’ll land. And a new blog just a second away in case the one you’re on doesn’t grab you.

Guess I missed it when WordPress first released this little gem. A little late, but…THANKS WORDPRESS!!