On the same day Mayor Bloomberg was making waves in California decrying the partisan politics of Democrats and Republicans alike, word came that he asked the New York Board of Elections to change his party to “unaffiliated.” Does this pave the way for an independent run for President?

Bloomberg made billions as the head of Bloomberg L.P, a financial services company. One of his strengths is knowing how to read what the public wants. Looks like he’s reading the minds of millions of U.S. citizens who are sick of party politics getting in the way of real progress. He may be right.

Gotta say I haven’t been a fan of some of the recent overly-dense development here, but in general he’s done a fantastic job for New York City. He took over after Rudy Giuliani tried to suggest only Giuliani could continue as Mayor (despite term limits) after September 11. Mike politely but firmly disagreed and, rolling up his shirt-sleeves, not only helped clean up some of the fiscal mess Giuliani left behind, but has led NYC with an exciting vision for the future.

Makes me think he might be a good candidate to add to the mix. The city is abuzz with the assumption he’s clearing the way for a run in 2008, but he himself laughs when asked if he’s running, saying “Who would vote for a 5′ 6″ Jew from New York?” I think when people hear how straight-forward and sharp Mike is, there might be plenty of people from all religions and backgrounds jumping on board that bandwagon. Lord knows whoever takes over after Bush has to have the balls of an elephant. (Or gonads, should it be Hilary.)

Our next President has to be able to restore our image internationally, pull us out of a looming financial nightmare, and dig in hard to tackle issues like healthcare, energy, immigration, environmental concerns, and education. Anyone who knows Mike knows he has the balls. But unlike our former Mayor Rudy, Mike also has a sharp business mind and an amazing ability to manage in a way that maximizes the ideas and talent of those working for him. And he doesn’t burn bridges behind him.

Story from NY1.com:

Bloomberg Files To Leave Republican Party