I had Chinese food last night and there was an unopened fortune cookie sitting on my kitchen counter this morning. So I opened it.

“Energy is equal to desire and purpose.”

I once got a fortune cookie that said I would make a good lawyer and decided to go to law school. No kidding. I hated it. The cookie may have been right in theory, but it forgot to tell me I wouldn’t like it. I think this cookie was trying to make up for that.

Let me back up a bit. Earlier this morning, a cyber-friend and I were discussing how drained we feel sometimes. We were talking about how hard it is to balance the world of work and things like family, friends, and our own dreams and desires. So often at the end of a day spent trying to make sense of a demanding job you aren’t thrilled with, you’re energy has taken a leave of absence and left you behind. And you feel bad that you don’t have enough energy for spending quality time with loved ones as well as other things you’d like to be doing.

A few moments after our discussion, I found myself returning to the computer and writing these words:

“When we do something we are not in synch with, it can be an energy drain that seeps into the rest of our life. When we do something we love – something that even feeds our spirit – then the tired we feel is a different tired. Even a nourishing tired. And one that adds joy to our life and in turn to who we are with our family and friends. Even when we feel tired.”

And of course the rest of the thought is that, when we use energy to just get through the day without feeling passion or commitment to what we’re doing, our internal energy is being drained – and there is nothing replenishing it for all those many hours of the day. By the time we get home, there isn’t much left. This can only go on so long before it takes a toll on our health and well-being.

Sometimes, as in this case, words come out of me that I haven’t fully incorporated in my own life. I don’t know where they come from, but suddenly something pours out and it feels true and real – as in this case. I was searching for something to help my friend – and I hope it did – but I realized the words were also speaking to me.

And then came the fortune cookie reinforcing the words and speaking to things I’ve been grappling with for quite a while:

“Energy is equal to desire and purpose.”

A message maybe from the universe telling me I should accept no less, despite all those temptingly easy diversions from a path I could truly embrace and – dare I say – love. Feed the inner chi by attracting the universal chi, eh?

A tasty reminder. And I don’t even have to pass a bar exam!