On a very different note…

OK. We bloggers get spammed all the time. And a lot of the spam is way creepy. (Thank goodness for Akismet.) But you gotta admit, some spam comments can be downright amusing.

So I decided to start giving out Spammy Awards (on an ad hoc basis) for the best comment spam. Who knows? We might even start to see a better quality of spam emerging as spammers throughout the world rise to the challenge of winning their very own coveted Spammy!


The Finalists:

  • “Fine and pretty site! Very good owner!” (Yes. Yes I am. Thank you for being so perceptive.)
  • “We have a discussion group and i will ask to discuss about this.” (Great! Let me know when that happens.)
  • “Your blog posts are insightful. I will take them into deep thought and consideration. Your point of view is very smart and intellectual. Charlie” (You know me so well, Charlie.)

The First Runner Up:

  • “Your site has very much liked me. Different work!!!” (Why yes…my site has liked you. Very much. Just don’t tell the other spam about us, ok?)

And…drum roll:

The July Spammy Award goes to the sweet & simple:


Sorry (


Ya gotta love a spammer with a conscience!


Well, that’s it for the first ad hoc Spammy Award. If your favorite lost this time, fear not…there’s always more spam to come.

And feel free to send in your nominations for the next Spammy! (Creepy ones not eligible of course. The Spammies have their dignity you know.)