I’m pissed at the way John Edwards is running his campaign. I used to be a fan…and while I still believe in many of the same things he does, I think he’s screwing up big time.

And the latest screw-up comes from his attack dog wife, Elizabeth Edwards, who came out with these whiny words just a few days ago:

“We can’t make John black, we can’t make him a woman,” said Edwards, referring to Illinois Sen. Barack Obama and New York Sen. Hillary Clinton during an interview with Ziff Davis Media about the Internet’s role in the 2008 presidential election. “Those things get you a certain amount of fundraising dollars.”

Aw…c’mon Elizabeth. You’re better than that. You’re a brave and intelligent woman. Much too smart to think making John into a VICTIM is a winning strategy.

It’s not about his color or his gender. That’s insulting to all of us. Oh…not that there aren’t some who would like to see a woman or black man finally get the chance they deserve, but that’s not the reason John is behind in fund raising and not coincidentally the polls. He just isn’t getting his message across in a way that is clicking with as many voters as the other candidates – and the money guys smell that.

While I’m no fan of Rudy Giuliani (lord knows!), he’s been doing a great job of getting his message across – and he is neither a woman nor black. In fact, he’s Italian and a New Yorker, and that’s traditionally been seen as two big negatives. But he is and has always been a genius at working the media – his greatest strength.

So with all due respect…’kwitcher whining, Mrs. Edwards! It’s not the media…it’s the message – and, sadly in this case, the messenger.


Note: I say all this as political commentary. I wish Elizabeth Edwards all the best in her fight against cancer. She’s a truly amazing woman. To me the best honor I can do anyone in her situation is to treat her as I would anyone else. )