Gee…why didn’t anyone ever tell me that?

Today’s wicked weather (and confirmed EF2 tornado!) that shut down most of our amazing transit system and flooded out many homes and streets is actually a wonderful reminder. Now I know this is something most of you have already learned. And we here in New York City, of all places, surely should know this by now. But I still need a refresher course now and then. I kind of forget. I think we all do.

We can’t control anything. We can’t control anything. We can’t control anything.

I guess all we can do is just do our best and take what comes. And then, whatever comes, we just do our best some more. And I think in between we have to find the humor and joy in life and embrace every moment when things are pretty good. And dance with gusto when things are great! And not sweat the stuff we can’t control the rest of the time.

Actually, I gotta tell you…that’s a huge relief. I just can’t take the awesome responsibility of fixing the whole world any more. I’m finally starting to see I have to let it go. Well…at least some of it. (-;

Not that I still won’t speak out and take on things around me where I can make a difference. That’s a joyful thing – as long as I understand that the outcome isn’t all on me and that I couldn’t possibly know everything needed anyway. But at least I know the weight of making it ALL better day in and day out – whatever my eyes or ears land on – is no longer on my shoulders.


You Can’t Always Get What You Want by the Rolling Stones (But if you try sometimes, you might just find…you get what you need!)