Rudy Giuliani’s myth is out of control. I’ve read some of the comments from Giuliani supporters who view any opinions from New Yorkers like me as knee-jerk liberal propaganda. But let me tell you…we were here. We know many things that are not part of his well-polished media hype.

Now let me also tell you that I have voted for Republicans and would do so again. I vote for the person, not the party. Although I lean toward Democrats and really wish they’d get their act together, if there were a Republican candidate I thought would be good for our country, I’d vote for him or her without hesitation.

But Giuliani is not that person.

He’s just great at manipulating the media to project his mythological “strong leader” persona and is not afraid to play with the facts to do so. His recent gaffe equating his on-site time and efforts with those of the brave and tireless workers who helped us recover from 9-11 is just one example. He tells us he “misspoke”. But seriously…this is how he always is. It’s about him. It’s always about him. He just knows how to package the words so it comes out all neat and purdy. But, after a while, he’s like fingernails on a blackboard to anyone but his most loyal supporters and compatriots.

This is not the person we want leading our nation and representing us in the international arena. The man has talent and ability…but his slick “I did it all” and “my way or the highway” personality is not what we want or need in a president.  Especially now.

Wayne Barrett says it so much better than I ever could. For anyone thinking of voting for Giuliani, PLEASE just read this with an open mind. Or at least skim it since it’s long. Although Barrett is admittedly a – don’t be frightened – liberal, I fully support what he is saying. It’s a well-researched piece separating the myth from the truth:

Rudy’s Five Big Lies about 9/11

And here’s the piece I wrote earlier this year in case you’re interested:

Rudy Giuliani – The Man, the Media, and the Myth