No, this is not a paid commercial. It’s just I hate outsourcing. And Netflix has made the almost radical call to locate its call center in the good old United States – and runs it in a way that gives customers the feeling they really do matter. Wuhoo!

As a customer, I can tell you this kind of customer service makes a huge difference. At least to me.

The people answering the phones are friendly and they make you feel good when they help you resolve problems. They don’t sound like automatons working off a script. They’re real and helpful and I actually go away feeling like they care about giving me good service. And that’s something we need much more of.

“Netflix’s decision to greet anxious consumers with a human voice, not an e-mail, is also unusual in corporate customer service. “It’s very interesting and counter to everything anybody else is doing,” said Tom Adams, the president of Adams Media Research, a market research firm in Carmel, Calif. “Everyone else is making it almost impossible to find a human.”

Too many companies followed the AOL “F-You” attitude and turned call centers into a painful experience for customers – even if you’re lucky enough to get a real voice! So when I see a company like Netflix that purposefully chooses to forgo the trend toward tenuous-at-best online support and instead direct customers to a real service center with real voices (wow!), well I have to give them five stars!

You go Netflix! We want more companies to follow your example. Please.


If you’d like to read more, here’s an article from the NY Times:

At Netflix, Victory for Voices Over Keystrokes