I sometimes wander onto websites about healing. I’m open to alternative methods and certainly believe that Western medicine doesn’t have all the answers, but I guess my use of the word “open” needs an asterisk since a lot of these websites just sound plain wacky to me.

One way wacky website-that-shall-remain-nameless required me to sign in to get info, so I supplied an e-mail address that I rarely use. Since then, whenever I check that e-mail (about once a month) I have about 100 e-mails waiting from them. Yuch. Seems I’m now part of the Yahoo group that they use to support each other in their wackiness.

Since it’s easy enough to just delete the e-mails, I’ve never bothered to try to get myself out of the group. I just select all and delete a few times. And then I forget totally about it. Until the next time. But I have to admit the damn thing is kind of annoying each time I sign in to Yahoo e-mail.

Then today, as I was checking through all the messages in my inbox, just in case there’s a real one, I saw an e-mail from someone I’ve known for over 25 years. Whew! Good thing I checked. But wait…it wasn’t addressed to me. She must be part of the website-that-shall-remain-nameless Yahoo group. And, although I do think some of the stuff she believes in is waaaaay out there, she is an extremely bright, caring woman who has shown me nothing but love since I’ve known her.

So my dear friend is one of them, huh?

Well…suddenly the Yahoo group doesn’t seem quite so wacky any more. And those annoying messages just don’t seem as annoying. In fact, they kinda make me smile. Just people helping people. And one of those people is my beautiful friend.

I guess it’s all perspective when you come right down to it.

And speaking of healing…I feel a little better already. Maybe those wacky messages work after all!

WEIRD & WACKY UPDATE: Well it turns out my friend is NOT a regular member. She visits occasionally and when she happened to see a request for healing help that she knew something about, she answered it. Even she thinks some of the stuff they believe in is way wacky.

So now that my perspective has changed once again…how does that make me feel about the whole thing? Well…I think I’ll still keep my name on the list. But now I’ll definitely smile when I see all those messages. After all, it connected me and my pal through some wacky universal sense of humor!