Looks like Indian tech company Wipro is outsourcing…to Atlanta, Georgia in the good old United States!

According to its website, Wipro is “the world’s largest independent R&D Services Provider.” And according to InformationWeek.com, Wipro is anticipating a worldwide shortage of good tech talent and is looking to various U.S. cities for affordable, trained young people who may in fact be more affordable than a good deal of the highly-skilled pricey tech talent pool now in India.

In an act of national vision, India made a point of supporting its tech industry, whose tremendous growth and success was also fueled by our own rampant outsourcing as U.S. companies searched for cheaper talent. And now, ironically, an Indian company is looking here for the same thing.

Looks like what goes around (the globe) comes around.

Now, I’m just not sure whether this quest for cheaper talent will mostly mean only lower-level jobs, with the more highly-paid execs coming from India. I hope not. Would be nice if the burgeoning worldwide demand that Wipro sees means jobs here at all levels. And around the world too, of course. But oh how great it would be to see some of our ever-declining factory cities and our nation as a whole retool to take advantage of what Wipro sees coming.

Even this luddite-at-heart sees wonderful tech-inspired possibilities when it comes to things like new communication modes, alternative energy, medical advancements, water-purifying equipment, etc. I look forward to the day when more of our resources and efforts can go toward these things that would benefit not only our country, but the whole world. Wow! A visionary approach in partnership with other nations. What an amazing thing that could be!

Meanwhile, back on the ground…I’m just happy to hear about the new jobs. A nice thing for the young graduates who not only will find good jobs, but also will be introduced into an international culture that more and more represents the way of the world – and of jobs for this country.