Just wanted to let my cyber-pals know I’m taking a kind of modified cyber-vacation from the blogging scene. I’ve been thinking about this for a while and was inspired by some posts I’ve read recently, especially this one by RubySchooZ. It made me really take a look at my own blogging experience of late.

Basically, I realized I’m spending way too much time visiting other blogs and all the wonderful bloggers who give life to them, but what I’m not doing is giving that same time to people in my non-cyber life. Or to myself.

One of the reasons I started blogging was to give myself permission to write and explore various aspects of who I am…and I’ve done that both on my blogs and in sometimes novel-sized comments. (I know. I know. What can I say? My muse has A.D.D.)

But my whole raison d’blogging was to use blogging as a base to inspire myself to do other things – and instead I’ve kept myself so entertained with the blogging world, I’ve forgotten to balance it with stuff that exists outside. And so I am going to do my best to rebalance things and see where that leads.

Although I still intend to post on either of my two blogs if and when the urge strikes, I’ve decided to stop my daily visits to all your wonderful blogs. And when I do post, please know I understand you all have busy lives and I’m just fine if I don’t get any comments. (Although an occasional hello is always welcome!) And of course I’ll still pop by your blogs every once in a while and hope I’m still welcome.

But I just need to do this – for however long. I’ve reached a point in my own life where other things are starting to call. In fact, I think I hear someone now: “Ronnie Annnnn! Come out. Come out. Wherever you are!” Hey…if it’s Glinda the Good, I’m gonna pee myself!

Anyhoo…please know I’m thinking of all of you and am very grateful for all the encouragement, support, and cyber-palship you’ve given me. I hope you understand. ‘Tis a fahr fahr bettuh thing I do…

Oh wait…wrong farewell speech. Anyway, it’s not farewell – just hasta la vista, baby! (At least for now.)

Big Brooklyn Hugs and a New York Namaste!

With love,

Ronnie Ann