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Well…here they go again. Presidential politics at its slimiest. This time Republicans are playing games with the electoral college to try to insure a Republican remains in the White House. They know that, under current conditions, there’s a good chance a Democrat will be elected. No guarantee, of course – just a good chance.

But they don’t like those odds – or playing fair, it seems. So they targeted a normally BLUE state, California, and are trying to change the way votes there go to the electoral college. Rather than all of California’s votes going to the person who wins the state as they do now, they’ve proposed that votes be allowed to split according to party by congressional district. And they are cleverly calling it “reform,” rather than the attempted power grab that it is.

Why is this bad? Might not reform give everyone a chance to have their vote counted more fairly? Absolutely. But they didn’t pick a large RED state like Texas to begin the reform, nor did they suggest a uniform implementation of national reform.

No. They cherry-picked California for its potentially rich supply of Republican electoral votes. In fact, if votes were allowed to be separated, that would net them about the number of electoral votes Ohio has.

I am totally open to changes in the system. Just don’t try to sneak this one past us under the name of “reform” as if it were doing something good for everyone. It’s not. We can’t let Machiavellian games like these decide the course of our nation any more. Or so I hope.

Please tell everyone you know – especially people in California – that this is not reform. It’s an attempt to sneak into the White House using deceptive rhetoric and, in effect, telling us that we are too stupid to even see what’s going on.

Let them know we get what they’re trying to do and we say “NO WAY!” No matter what party you support, this can’t be the way you want an election to be won.

And may I add that the Democrats are no saints either.  They were looking to do something similar in North Carolina and recently pulled their latest attempt, probably because of what’s going on in California.

If elections are won this way and we resort more and more to divisive chicanery, then what we are left with is a nation built on trickery and deception. Is that the same democracy so many lives are being lost to defend? I hope and pray not.


*Note: This is my second post on this issue because I think it’s so critical. My first was Guess What? Ever So Quietly, Changes in California Might Elect a Republican President.


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