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Fellow blogger Liz is going to build her own house…out of mud. (More accurately “cob” which is made up of dirt, water, and straw.) Now Liz is not someone who’s ever done this. Actually, I don’t personally know anyone who’s ever done this – although I know people have. But silly details like that don’t stop Liz from forging ahead with her plans.

In fact, since she first posted her intention to do this, she’s been plenty busy gathering lots more pieces of the puzzle. She’s also finished a bunch of projects for her wonderful non-profit consulting business during that time, but now I’m just making myself feel like a total sloth!

As her blog will tell you, Liz sees no sense in getting caught up in all the reasons NOT to do stuff that calls to you. She just focuses on her vision and moves ahead, one step at a time, laying the groundwork to build her dreams.

I gotta say she’s an inspiration to me – and I would guess to many people. While I would (and often do) get trapped in the labyrinth of my own mind – and in the smirks of all those around me – she just focuses on her dream and keeps going toward it.

The one thing I’ve learned about that kind of thinking is, even if you don’t get to exactly where you first intended to go, you get to some mighty interesting places. Much more interesting places than if you just sat and thought about all the reasons not to do stuff.

Not that I doubt for one minute that Liz will be sitting and smiling in her mud house a few years down the road, lifting a glass of wine to all of us. But in the meantime, she’s a wonderful reminder to me that dreams are just as important as facts and logic. (Although, she plays it smart and works with both.)

But most of all, it’s about going for it. More power to you, grrl! If anyone can do it, you can.