I’m pretty much blogged out today, but couldn’t resist just one more post. One of the greatest gifts any city can give itself is the soothing green shade and cool, cleansing air that trees bring to all of us.

With the help of Mayor Bloomberg, Bette Midler and (hopefully) a lot of caring contributors, New York has decided to make a major investment in our concrete and asphalt jungle that will keep on giving and giving for many generations to come. And I’m thrilled about it! Yay! Yippee! and Yahoooo!

With soaring asthma rates, this is the least we can do for our children – and their future. And, of course, our future. (Access to quality health care for all would make it an unbeatable package. New York had made some nice gains over recent years, but unfortunately the Federal Government’s recent meddling with SCHIP will cut into some of the hard-won benefits for children.)

But anyway…while we hopefully find a way to straighten all that out, the City has a plan that will certainly make things a little better for everyone. I know the many trees in my neighborhood bring me much joy and solace – not to mention cleaner air. Unfortunately, not all neighborhoods are so lucky. But now they will be. (With a little help from our friends and leaders.)

So, without further ado…here’s a bit of the story from NY1.com:

Bronx Gets First Of One Million Trees To Be Planted Across City
October 09, 2007A tree will soon grow in Brooklyn… and all over the city for that matter. The mayor kicked off his plan to plant a million trees in ten years by going to the Bronx. NY1’s Michael Scotto filed the following story.A Carolina Silverbell got a superstar welcome from the mayor Tuesday. What makes it so important? It’s the first of a million trees to be planted in the city over the next 10 years. A million is large number, considering the city planted 118,000 trees over the last decade.“We’re going to transform New York City from a town that’s mostly asphalt, mostly steaming in the summer, to a place that is cool, green and refreshing to be in all seasons,” said entertainer Bette Midler of the New York Restoration Project, who helped spearhead the project.Midler joined Mayor Michael Bloomberg to show off their gardening skills as they helped plant the first tree, which took root on a street in the South Bronx.“Where the prevalence of trees is among the lowest in the city and not accidentally the asthma rates are among the highest,” said Bloomberg.

Click on this link for the rest of the story from NY1.com.

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