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For any of you who have ever owned a cat, known a cat, or been driven stark-raving nuts by a cat, this Simon the Cat video is for you:


I lost my darling cat about 20 months ago. I loved the little scoundrel with all my heart, but there were times when he really did want what he wanted when he wanted it.

When it comes to sleep, I gotta admit I don’t have much of a sense of humor. So after many years of long heart-to-cat talks and sleep-deprived nights, I decided something had to change. And so the bedroom became my territory at night and the rest of the apartment his. But he had a slightly different plan.

Night after night, he clawed at the door until there was actual damage to the wood. I couldn’t stand it any more. And thus my little guy regained access to what he always knew was his bedroom anyway. And, of course to what we all know was his bed – and his very own person to do with as he wished.

When I saw this video, every part of me recognized the truth of it. Yup. That was my cat all right. Nothing was going to stop him from his goal!

Hey little guy. I miss you a whole lot. But I really really do enjoy my sleep. Is that so wrong??? Next incarnation, could you please try to remember that?