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Seems the Japanese have a clever new way to elude muggers. Known to be at the forefront of product innovation, the Japanese have come up with some truly inspiring ideas to help average people protect themselves from nefarious hoodlums and ne’er-do-wells. Assuming the average person has the spare change to afford some of these pricey gimmicks. (And assuming a modicum of gullibility.)

Still, I have to admire the ingenuity – as well as the chutzpah – to even put these ideas out to the public!

According to Australia’s The Age, the above-pictured skirt looks like a pretty red dress under normal circumstances, but when flipped inside out over the wearer’s head turns into a pretty dead-on soda machine disguise — the perfect foil for some mugger or more violent criminal (at least in Japan, where street crime is rare.)

Of course, no one has mentioned what would happen if the mugger was thirsty and actually tried to use the “machine”. Not to mention the discomfort factor for the person wearing it. But you have to admit this is an idea that at least refreshes the imagination. Never in my wildest dreams would I have come up with this.

And the skirt is only one of the ninja-inspired ideas being considered for the Japanese market – or at least shown off to those who follow such stuff. Not sure anyone would REALLY count on these for protection. Or at least I hope not.

Still…you gotta see the rest of these to believe it! For the whole story from the source’s mouth, TheAge.com.au:

Japanese Skirt Fear of Crime