Halloooooooo out there! Yes. I’m still here. And I see you.

Uh…that sounds kinda creepy. Well, it is almost Halloween. But fear not – I definitely prefer treats to tricks. Speaking of treats, haven’t had any of that candy corn in years. I have no idea why it tasted so good but it did. Probably still does. Perhaps the fact that it was almost 100% sugar had something to do with it?

Anyway…in case you’re wondering where I am, just want you to know I’m around – simply taking a break while I work on other stuff. Sometimes I find it useful to shake up a routine a bit – especially one that can be as addictive as posting, browsing, and commenting! Let’s face it – you can get lost for many hours in blogland. (Read “hours” as “days”, “weeks” or “years”.)

Now most of the time that can be a wonderful thing for sure. But sometimes…well, I just need a break. Lets me look at things from a different perspective – and also lets me look at things that maybe I’ve been putting aside for a later time. Decided now is as good a “later time” as any.

So please know even if you don’t see me, I’m still around. Probably eating candy corn now that I think of it. Wonder who first came up with that idea anyway.  Why not candy brussel sprouts or candy lima beans?

Anyway…I’ll be baaaaack!