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I’ve been pre-occupied with local issues, but haven’t for one minute forgotten our men and women overseas. So I think it’s time to offer a few songs of support for them – and all of us!

These are songs about ending this dreadful, oh-so badly managed and barely-planned, politically-motivated war that has put our military in an almost impossible situation and lost much of the good will our country once had. In no way is it meant to negate the efforts of our military who are in Iraq trying their best to help a ravaged country and its people.

I salute every one of you trying to make a real difference. For as long as you are there, I pray you will be kept safe and be able to do some real good.

And I so hope that in some way, despite the many many mistakes we’ve made, there will be some good that comes of all of this. But in the meantime…

First, here’s a Pete Seeger song sung by Bruce. Seeger, for those who don’t know him, is a legendary folk and anti-war activist, composer, musician, and singer. He sang this almost 40 years ago protesting our involvement in Vietnam. Sadly, the words delivered by the Boss are as appropriate today as ever:

Following up on that thought, Merle Haggard has some advice for our President. You tell him Merle!

Darn! The America First video was disabled for embedding. You can still try to catch it at the URL below. Basically, it’s Merle suggesting we get out of Iraq and rebuild America. “Why don’t we liberate, these United States” he suggests. Amen!

America First

Once a supporter of Bush’s policy in Iraq, Neil Young finally came to the conclusion that this war is just plain wrong and is not getting us or the Iraqis anywhere near to that “mission accomplished” place we were promised so many years ago. Now NeilYoung.com has a Living With War section dedicated to documenting what we are doing and getting us out as soon as possible. Here are Neil’s words in Living With War:

Darn again! This one has been disabled also. So here’s the link to YouTube. Hope it still works. It’s worth it:

Living With War

I wanted to close with Pete Seeger singing Where Have All the Flowers Gone since he wrote it, again for the Vietnam era, but that video’s sound wasn’t all that great. (The best laid plans, and all of that.) So here instead is Joan Baez, another legend I grew up with, singing the song at the Operation Ceasefire Concert in Washington DC on 9/24/2005:

When will they ever learn?


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November 24, 2007 by Ronnie Ann