Well…it’s been a while, hasn’t it? Nice to be back. I missed all of you, although it took some distance to realize quite how much.

On a seemingly unrelated topic, a friend just sent me a fascinating Psychology Today article that discusses the roots of creativity and the contributions made by diversity of interaction. Now you might be thinking…what the hell is she talking about?

Well…one of the things the article talks about is the belief in “flat world” thinking that the internet and technology in general can flatten out distance and help bolster interaction and creativity. But there is another school of belief – and I am in that school – that says…oh yeah?! I’ve seen businesses that try to run this way, and something is lost in translation. (A great movie, by the way.)

Sure, being able to communicate immediately at a distance is great in many ways. But face-to-face discussions – or at the very least hearing the other person’s voice – add intangible dimensions that can make all the difference to truly effective communication and creativity.

And still you may be asking…what the hell are you talking about?

Well..I felt captured by my blogging and the oh-so-addictive blogging community. Immediate feedback? Nice people agreeing with me all over the place? There had to be more!

OK. I know there are many people to disagree with on the internet, but it just felt like I had put myself into a thought box of some sort and didn’t know how to push my way out. And so, I decided to go cold turkey, not even logging into WordPress for many weeks. And that included not visiting your blogs or commenting. I hope you understand. I needed to change up the mix.

In the meantime, I’ve made some major decisions in my life about where I’m going to aim my career. Returning part-time to school is part of it, and so is volunteering. Taking things slow, since this is something I’m ready to commit to for the long haul. It feels right.

For whatever reason, I had to pull away for a while to let new things be born. But I also know, that it was the blogging and interaction with all of you that helped me get here. You see, I think the flat world theory can work well when combined with real-world contact. It doesn’t have to be one or the other.

And so I’m back. Just posted this on my other long-neglected blog, in case you’re curious: This is Sooooo Creepy!

And in the meantime, I played around with a “secret” blog that I had thought might hold some answers. It did. It helped me realize there’s no place like home. (Hey Roobs!)

Will stop by soon to say hello. Meanwhile, thanks for all the nice words of support while I was gone. Wish I could stop by in person and give you each a hug. But for now, this will have to do.


Ronnie Ann

Oh…I almost forgot. Here’s one other thing I’ve added to my life since we last spoke.

Here’s Lucie!!