I’m adding my voice to the many counting down the days until we have a new president. Since images have powers that even transcend the awesome power of words, put this date in your head:


This is the first day without George W. Bush as our president. Pass it around. Draw it in the sand. See it as the day our country begins to regain its sanity and its respect among the rest of the world. See it as a vision of peace and not war. Of concern for those who are hurting and not just for those who have and want more. A time to rethink how we spend our precious dollars and resources. And respect for more than the need to mark our territory and “win”, whatever that means in Bizarro speak.

In case you haven’t seen the site that’s made the date 01-20-09 into a passionate campaign (and, more power to them, successful business):


Amen to that.