OK, Universe. This is just between you and me.

For the last 7 years of the Bush administration you’ve provided me with more than ample practice letting go. Really…I’m grateful. As I watched our government do things that set my teeth chattering, I took it as an opportunity to practice letting go. As I saw things we held so near and dear turned on their heads, I again and again practiced letting go.

Not that I was always successful…but I always appreciated the almost constant opportunity you laid before me. Truly I did.

And now as the primaries unfold, and I once again feel hope surging through my veins, I understand that you, in your infinite wisdom, may once again provide me with generous opportunity as you see fit.

Please don’t think I’m not grateful for all this opportunity…but really, can’t we give someone else this gift for a while? I don’t want to be a hog. You know me…I’m all about sharing.

So Universe, this coming election day, if it isn’t too much trouble, couldn’t we PLEASE let Republicans have a chance to practice letting go? I would consider it our special gift to them. And I promise to keep practicing on my own, anyway. Really. You’ve shown me the way. A lot. I mean a LOT!

Well…thanks for listening. Now back to regular programming.