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Fatima the Spinner is an inspiring tale of a girl whose life is filled with misfortune, and yet…with the help of fate and her own skills, she finds happiness. It’s one of my all-time favorite stories.

I love discovering new books by just letting my eyes wander through bookshelves and see what calls to me. That’s how, many years ago, I found a book called Tales of the Dervishes by Idries Shah. It was in that book I found the marvelous story of Fatima.

My life has been like Fatima’s in many ways. She goes from land to land and job to job (in essence) always wondering why she must move on, why she hasn’t found the one place she truly belongs yet. Each time she learns a new skill, but always something happens that causes her to move on. And then one day, after surviving yet another disaster, she lands in China, where they desperately need someone with ALL the skills she’s acquired. And it is here, finally, she finds love and happiness.

I just love this story. Believe me…I’ve turned to it many times when life got rough and I needed to remember that today is just a small piece of the whole picture. And that whatever is happening to me in any given moment may actually be helping build me up for what I need to do one day. It’s my way of putting moments in time into perspective.

Some people find their life’s calling early in life, but others (like me) follow Fatima’s path of gathering knowledge and experiences year after year and even decade after decade, until one day, at long last, all those pieces fit together perfectly, like a giant jig-saw puzzle. Or better yet, as I like to think of it, all the threads of our life’s tapestry come together and at last we see the whole beautiful picture. That moment is one of pure ecstasy. And of peace.

But oh…the patience it takes to get there. And the deep faith – not least of all in ourselves. And still, I think for each of us, if we can just stop kicking and screaming at each and every twist and turn and railing against the universe – and instead trust in a longer unified vision of where we are going – there is indeed a unique tapestry waiting for each one of us.

I’m starting to see mine. And it’s truly awesome. Just look at those dazzling multitudes of multicolored threads!!! And I wove each and every one of them.