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Stefano DiMera is a truly evil man who has hurt many many people, including his own children, one of whom he imprisoned on an island for years. He’s in a deep coma now and his children suspect it may have been induced unnaturally, maybe for revenge for all his dark deeds. (Their suspicions are correct.)

They can choose to let their papa stay that way (probably forever) or maybe even pull the plug. They can also dig deeper, find the source of the problem, and see if they can save him. But they worry that a revived Stefano would only unleash more evil on the world – and on them. And yet, he is their father.

What would you do?

OK. This is just the current plot on Days of Our Lives, a daytime soap opera on NBC. But it makes me wonder what I would do. On one hand, he is now incapable of ever hurting anyone again. But if I could help him and I didn’t, wouldn’t I be guilty of evil too?

What if this were your father? If you knew you might be able to save him after all he had done, even knowing all he might do again, would you?


My own guilt about watching Days: First, I started watching Days of Our Lives with my mother when I was a little girl. As horribly unbelievable as the plots are and as much as I know I could be doing more important things, when I get a chance to watch, it still feels like home.

Second, I know there’s a writers strike and I support them in their fight. I also know soaps, including Days, are now being written by writers and probably some non-writers who are crossing the picket line, although some are taking advantage of a rule that lets them write if they forgo certain union benefits and become pariahs of sorts. When you have rent to pay, you do what you have to. But still, I accept that I am a scab of sorts too because I watch. Sorry guys! Mea culpa. Hope you get a really good contract soon.