News flash! I’ve just uncovered the source of Barack Obama’s highly successful and some say suspiciously inspirational slogan “Yes We Can!”

It took some digging and a lot of begging (and to be honest I had to grease the wheels a bit) but I just nabbed an exclusive interview with The Little Engine That Could:

Me: Thank you for taking the time to come out of retirement.

Little Engine: Chug chug chug. Puff puff puff.

Me: Ah. I see you’ve been running. OK, Ms. Engine. Let’s get right to it. Did Mr. Obama steal your famous words?

Little Engine: Ding dong. Ding dong!

Me: Aha! I thought so. Can you tell us what those words are?

Little Engine: I think I can. I think I can!

And there you have it folks. Right from the Little Engine’s mouth. Although not exactly the same, “I think I can” is still uncomfortably close to “Yes we can!”

Coincidence? I think not. Oh sure…famous words have always been used in political campaigns to inspire and bring hope. And, in this particular case, the Little Engine actually told me it’s fine with her. “She (always) was a happy little train…” But is she still? Really?

You be the judge.