So it turns out the girl who was in Hillary’s infamous 3 am phone call ad is all grown up (the commercial used stock footage) and she supports Barack Obama. And she’s letting everyone know. Not only that…but she wasn’t really asleep. (-;

Casey Knowles, now 18, absolutely hates that her image is being used for what she calls “fear mongering.” I couldn’t agree more. I’m not sure I want the same person (who thinks it’s ok to use the very same tactics Republican do) answering that phone AT ANY TIME and making decisions for us.

Will her decisions really be the best for US or will they be made to enhance her own political viability? And considering what we’ve seen so far, can we really expect anything new and different from a Hillary Clinton administration? We only have her willingness to follow the same old methods of campaigning as our answer. But for me, it’s troubling.