Having a nice day and just felt like sharing what flashes through my brain while sitting here hugging my darling kitty Lucie and watching really bad TV.

Lots of talking heads slicing and dicing up political analysis to the point where every candidate begins to resemble Humpty Dumpty – after the fall. Lots of courtroom reality TV with neighbors, (former) friends, and loved ones suing each other and sneering a lot. Are people really this small-minded? Sheesh. And then of course there are the countless commercials telling us about some great new disease or at least some cool symptoms we could get.

Hah! Just look at what those of us who watch TV feed our poor brains during the day. No wonder I haven’t yet figured out how to solve our monetary crisis, bring peace to the world, or even invent a fail-safe cure for indigestion. And no wonder my brain produces so many fleetingly brilliant and then just as quickly forgotten thoughts. 🙂

Some of today’s random thoughts in no special order:

  • If we perpetually look to the heavens for inspiration and answers…then don’t we also wind up missing out on a lot of what heaven has already sent us here on earth?
  • If we perpetually rail about all we don’t have or wish were different in our lives…then don’t we also wind up missing out on what we ourselves might make of what we have right now?
  • And if preservatives preserve food, why won’t they preserve us too?
  • If naps are so good for us, why are cats so darn crazy?
  • And just what is a dog telling us about the food we feed him if he happily drinks out of the toilet?

Just some stuff that floats around and tries to come out. So I let it. I’m sure there’ll be more. Even when I meditate, empty mind is a rare thing. I keep thinking “Is it empty now?” “How about now?” “Now?” “Must be empty now.” And so it goes.

Namaste y’all!