Well…I think it’s time for me to let Out of My Head take a nice long rest on it’s blogging pillow. I’ve been on a break for a while to test the waters, and I just don’t feel tugged back here other than to say hello to old friends.

This has been a fun ride, but I have another blog called Work Coach to take care of (as I mentioned before it may be going commercial) as well as a new baby blog I’m trying on for size. Still, other than Work Coach, I really do think I’m pretty much blogged out for a while. We shall see.

Thanks for all your support and for helping make Out of My Head something I’ve really enjoyed. I hope you did too. I’ll keep it open just in case I ever need to pop back for whatever reason, but as of now, it’s gone fission!

Change is good. The river flows. New adventures await.

Namaste y’all!

Ronnie Ann