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Here’s something I bet no one’s ever asked you: What personal pronoun do you use when you talk to yourself? First person? Second person? Third person?

Or are you thinking “What a stupid question. I never talk to myself.” Uh…if so, maybe take a moment to check that thought!

Ok. Maybe I’m putting myself out on a limb since I’m not even sure that you do talk to yourself, but I right now flat out admit that I do. Not out loud too much (luckily I have a cat so when I do, it can simply look like I’m talking to her), but I most definitely catch myself talking to me in my head.

Like this morning, I caught myself thinking “I will get up in just a few more minutes.” Not person-less forms like “time to get up” or “get up soon” or “Ugh. Coffee.” But a full sentence with an actual personal pronoun attached.

Do you do that too??

Grammar Refresher

Quick refresher for those who have worked hard to forget grade school grammar and the whole idea of personal pronouns:

  • First person subjective pronoun – I or we
  • Second person subjective pronoun – You
  • Third person subjective pronoun – He, she, it or they

So now I’m wondering how often I use first person versus the other ones.  It would intuitively seem that first person would rule, since it is me … er … I talking. But then again, I’m guessing over the years there have been plenty of non-first-person thoughts like “Oh, no. You’re not getting in THAT line!” or perhaps the almost familiar “Oops! She did it again.”

So what person do you use when you talk to yourself? Do you know? Examples very welcome. You may need a few days to notice, but would love to hear!

For a more in-depth grammatical refresher try:

First, Second and Third Person by Geoff Pope via Grammar Girl

“It Is I” Versus “It Is Me” by Grammar Girl herself