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OOMH_Snooki_photoUPDATE:  It’s been about three months total since I started this diet, and I’ve continued to slowly shed the pounds. As of now, about 6 or 7 pounds.  Wuhoo! I haven’t been hungry one minute nor have a felt deprived. And the weight loss feels solid, not the kind you get from quick “lose ten pounds in ten days” diets. This is not a diet, Just an easy way to eat well and feel good.

It’s been about 5 months now, and I slowly and happily continue to lose weight. I am now down by about 8 or 9 pounds. Just under 2 pounds a month and no feeling of deprivation whatsoever. Wuhoo!

Six months…10 pounds. Slow and steady wins the race. 🙂

More to go. Stay tuned!

The original article…

When I’m in between consulting jobs, one of my most beloved indulgences is daytime TV. Even bad daytime TV.  And that’s where I found Snooki. And I was reminded of one of the most basic of diet truths, something I had forgotten amid a flurry of fad diet advice and sure-fire diet tricks.

Now as much as I love bad TV, daytime or anytime, I have never watched Snooki or anyone on Jersey Shore. Wasn’t even tempted. And I stoop as low as watching and totally enjoying The Bachelor! (Well, most of the time.)

So when I was channel surfing and saw that Snooki was going to be a guest on the Dr. Oz show (his show has good info, but one revelatory this is THE ANSWER moment after another can really grate on you after a while), I decided it was time to get myself out for a nice walk instead. But something – perhaps the fact that it was April Fool’s day – made me tune in. Or maybe it was just a thought that it’s cool sometimes to get past preconceived notions. Anyway, for whatever reason, I prepared to give her and my curiosity a few minutes.

Snooki on Dr. Oz

And there she was, being interviewed by Dr. Oz, who in his own way seems to find the best in almost everyone. As for Snooki, she was natural; she was engaging; and she was coherent. All things I didn’t expect. As if I had anything to go on other than a vague knowledge of her as a reality show celebrity.

And then she said the most obvious-sounding thing anyone talking about dieting could say – she lost her 42 pounds of weight by cutting back on calories (yes, including booze). And she exercised. And it worked.

Now you must be thinking “DUH!” Who doesn’t know that?

Yup…that’s the whole point. Over the years, I had stopped thinking about calories and started managing my food for health benefits (and taste), cutting back on too much animal protein and too many high-glycemic foods (including sugary things) and fried foods and saturated fats, while trying to get in all the foods that are supposed to help us stay healthy, like nuts & seeds, and whole grains, and green tea, and strongly-colored veggies and fruits, and extra virgin olive oil and avocado, etc. And, although I used to be able to keep my weight down (and energy up) doing just this, it wasn’t working any more.

Coincidentally just a week or so before my Snooki moment, I had come to the conclusion that something had to change – although I hadn’t yet converted that thought into any new behaviors. So while I am not one to think too much about actual dieting (as opposed to healthy eating), I knew for sure the time for action had come.  I had reached a weight point I had only seen a few times in my life – and I was determined not to see it again.

Well…Did the Snooki Diet Work for Me?

After Snooki’s segment was over, I sat down with a piece of paper and a calculator and I honestly added up every calorie – even the ones that “don’t count” because you eat them quickly or in between meals. Ahem.

And I saw oh so clearly that I had been ignoring the most obvious thing – I was just eating too many calories a day for my weight and height and exercise level. And there it was. Boom. The light bulb moment. I got it.

And so I mapped out some basic calorie guidelines per meal (I eat about 5 small meals a day since I have low blood sugar and since it sustains energy and minimizes the urge to gorge), and have followed the guidelines since then. A little give and take here and there is fine, as long as I keep within the daily total.

FYI: I allocate about 300 calories average per meal. Yours might be different, depending on your body size. If you choose quality, balanced (carb-to-protein-to-veggie) foods – let the veggies help fill you up – limiting simple sugars, fried foods and fats (I only use extra virgin olive oil) and also moderating your portions, you can still be satisfied. Really!

Daytime is where I allocate the most of my calories, giving me the energy I need; nighttime you don’t need quite as much. Or at least I don’t. And I still make sure to include healthy things that I also LOVE to eat like raw nuts and avocado and extra virgin olive oil (as mentioned above), as well as fresh fruits and veggies, etc.

And that’s it. What I learned (mostly) from Snooki. Someone I wasn’t even going to give a second of my precious time. My big DUH moment.

It’s too early to tell you it’s a major success, but I’ve already lost a pound in 5 days with little effort. And my energy is better. And while I can’t tell you every day will be easy, I feel now the rest will come – slowly. I have returned to basics and it feels right.

More Words of Wisdom from Snooki

You may have noticed I emphasized the word “slowly”. Snooki’s other words of wisdom remind us to be patient, since it can take time for the weight loss to get started. And there can be plateaus. But even if you don’t see the weight loss at first (she didn’t), she assures us it will come, if you just keep the calories down and the exercise (and momentum) up.

No wiser simple words were ever spoken. At least not about diet. Would my new BFF Snooki lie to me?