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I just found a new show that blows my mind. In fact, I had to look twice at the listing. Yup…ABC has a new television show where parents actually bet on their babies to win prizes. Now isn’t that something you want to grow up and one day find out about!

Look…I watch some pretty bad TV shows. Ones that I know probably set my brain’s development back at least a few years.  But this is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever seen on TV – and I’ve watched Sean from The Bachelor as a dancing “star” on Dancing with the Stars.

Maybe it’s a joke. I know it’s not April Fool’s Day, but maybe they are going to stop near the end of it and tell us they’ve been pulling our collective legs.

Ok. Now a father walks his kid into the “baby dome” where we will watch to see if he lets go of a ball. He has one minute to follow his father’s instructions NOT to let go – while, without his father’s knowledge, his mother bets that he will let go. Aha! He didn’t let go. The kid was great. And yet, as a result, he and his parents lost.

I’m sorry…but I potentially see years and years of therapy in this kid’s future, whether he’s aware of what just happened or not. And hopefully there’s therapy in the future of any of these couples willing to put their kids up to bet on, like they were race horses or greyhounds.

But Wait…There’s a Gold Lining

The ameliorating idea is that they are trying to win college money. An admirable thought for sure, especially considering how expensive college is nowadays, and it will only get worse. But trusting your kids and their psyche to reality TV? And making them the focus of a win-or-lose game in front of millions of people? Even if the kid doesn’t know what’s really going on, does that make it any better?

And what if the kid with the ball had NOT listened to daddy (what feelings does that bring up for him?), and then to see his parents happy for some reason he doesn’t understand. It’s like putting your kid’s brain into a ping-pong game. Also, we have no idea how parents will react after the TV show – especially if they lose. Not to shock you, but not every single person choosing to be on reality TV is sane.

If you’re an adult and you make the decision to be on reality TV for yourself, fine. But betting on your kids and making them into prime-time entertainment?

Does anyone else think this is creepy?