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Charisma® 2-pack Down Pillow

First, I have to tell you that I am endlessly obsessed with finding the right pillow for sleeping. I have spent years prodding and testing pillows, and then bringing them home, only to find that they aren’t the perfect pillow after all. Sigh.

Some of the less-perfect pillows make it to my bed as extra pillows. Many other of these hopeful candidates are soon relegated to the sofa or closet, nervously awaiting the next batch that may wind up sending them to the trash bin.

But every now and then, I find some pillows that feel really good – at least to me. Not too firm. Not too soft. Just enough support to keep my neck happy. Still not THE perfect pillow, perhaps, but really really good. And these pillows get immediately elevated to the sacred spot on the bed where my head gets placed at night.

So it was for two “down alternative” Charisma pillows that my acupuncturist (and friend) got for me from Costco at the end of last year. Her husband had originally found this brand for her (a package of 2 for $20!), she also being a pillow seeker. And since then, they have been my go-to pillows for sleeping. The two pillows together are just perfect for me, and even more so after some months have passed.

But First a Word About Costco

No…this is not a paid advertisement. In fact, I used to laugh at my cousin who was always raving about all the things she got at Costco, even food. “Aren’t there any other stores out there in the suburbs?” I teased. It seemed so much less interesting to me than all the wonderful little urban neighborhood stores I go to, especially for things like poultry or fish or fruit & veggies.

But then, when I received the gift of the pillows, I was won over. “Costco must indeed me a wondrous place,” I thought. It was just around that time that a Trader Joe’s moved to my neighborhood, and I discovered yet another wondrous place that I had once eschewed. But I do digress.

And now to Friendship

Today, two friends I met about a year ago (I picked them up on the subway as they were returning from a May Day protest, but that’s another story), called me from Costco to ask if I wanted some more of the Charisma pillows that I had mentioned just the day before. They were on sale for a little over $12 for two of them!!!

It’s hard for me to get to the semi-local Costco, since I don’t drive; and my friends, who have access to a car, know this. But the fact that they remembered and made this part of their Costco adventure today, brought a huge smile to my face. Furthering their kindness, they dropped off the package of brand new pillows on their way home. And now two saggy old pillows (sorry guys) from the other side of the bed have been relegated to the trash bin. And the new ones? They have joined their brothers and sisters on the bed of honor.

As much as I love the relief these pillows give my neck (compared to so many other pillows I’ve tried over the years), I love even more that they all got to me with a little help from my friends.

And now…a little help from Joe Cocker:

UPDATE AND REVIEW: It’s been four months now since I bought my first Charisma pillows at Costco. I had read some reviews online saying that these pillows are great until about 4 months, when they start to lose their firmness. And I have to say that in my experience it’s true. The original ones are no longer as full & firm, and have started to form sections just a bit.

But, using two together, I can still get a good night’s sleep. Even better, I add one of the new ones to an original pillow. So far, I still recommend them (since they are so inexpensive and initially better than pillows I have paid 3 times the price for), but I would definitely suggest buying a few extra packages to mix and match when they start to lose their initial bounce.