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Last week I wrote about a new television game show called “Bet On Your Baby“.  So that we don’t waste any time, I will tell you that I am most definitely NOT a fan of either the show or the concept of betting on your baby in front of millions of viewers, just to win prizes. In fact, I think it’s teetering on the border of reprehensible.

Now turning to the far side of reprehensible … today more than one googler found my original article by looking for a show that they called “Bet Your Baby”. One was even looking for the show’s time slot. Oh boy…now doesn’t THAT sound like fun!

Look, I know there’s a lot of bad television out there, and I am certainly not too proud to admit that I watch some of it, but please oh please come back googlers and tell me that search term was just a typo!  Do you really think it’s called “Bet Your Baby” and still want to watch it? Just imagine what THOSE kids would tell their therapists one day about being lost in a bad bet their parents made on some game show. Not even a good game show.

Once again…sheesh!