Where Is the Line or Point …

… or is it just a sigh?

When endless struggle and screaming

Like a giant howler monkey

Trapped in a zipperless garment bag

Turns into just being?

And without fanfare or hoopla

A zipper magically appears

Revealing a whole new world

Yet unknown to us …

And yet exactly as it’s always been.

So Why All the Haikus?

Just want my subscribers and anyone else dropping by to know that this seemingly endless stream of haikus are merely my way of documenting snippets of thoughts and feelings while mostly staying inside my small apartment while mostly trying to stay mostly sane.

Wishing you all good health and as much sanity as life allows — both now and always.  🙂

Haiku 04032020

OOMH empty land and sky

What, We Worry?

No need to worry.
Spiraling toward end days
Takes no thought at all.


OK. A FEW THOUGHTS:  With so much going on with COVID-19, it’s easy to forget that we also have critical environmental issues crying for attention. Ones that may make it easier for even more pandemics if we don’t find solutions. Ones we have no time for now.

I wish I had a solution to offer. I don’t.

But I do know it will take a united world and strong leadership willing to work together — and willing to move beyond personal agendas. The very same thing we so desperately need now. IMHO.


Welcome To Dystopia — v1

Faces glued to windows
Breathing in the world outside
Do birds still sing?
Does art still exist?
Is there a sunset longing to be seen?

Myriads of reflected faces
Trapped in bittersweet longing
Waiting for the dawn
Of a tomorrow yet unseen
And a world yet to be reborn.


Two Flaikus

Flaiku 1

Trojan bananas.
Sneaking flies into my home.
Shame. You’ve lost my trust.

Flaiku 2

You dare to buzz me?
I pray god’s not a fruit fly
Watching me smite kin.

Escape From Pandora: Chapter 1

Chapter 1: The New Agenda Arrives

“The edge of a storm brings strong winds.”
~ Clara the Wise

On Day 1 of the New Agenda, thinking was banned. The edict came down from Central, along with official wishes for the Great Leader’s continued good health, since this was also his birthday.

Of course, no one paid much attention to it. There was always a new edict or new agenda of some sort or another being announced. And we, the humble Patrons, just ignored or found ways around them.

This one was just so particularly ridiculous, not even the Local Leader took it seriously. Still, she did pay it official lip service at her Talk of the Day by praising its timeliness.

“Thought has become so tiresome,” she chanted, and gestured for us to join in. We did. But we also moved on with our lives, chalking this up to one more thing that would fade as new edicts arrived.

But then the messages began to appear on our house screens: Continue reading “Escape From Pandora: Chapter 1”

The Good Ole Daze

By JJ Harrison (jjharrison89@facebook.com) - Own work

Some sighingly long
For days of old
When things were so much better.

When people en masse
Knew right from wrong
And water was so much wetter.

A time when all
Had perfect jobs
And life was far less bitter.

Just tell me who
Will be the one
To tell Trump there’s no Twitter.

And let’s not forget
Cures will be lost
If we head back to days of yore.

And people since born
With much to give
Will suddenly be no more.

The past may be wrapped
In filters of gold
But glitter just masks the haze.

What may seem great
In memory’s mind
Oft leaves out much darker days.


Photo credit: “White Perfection” by JJ Harrison  [jjharrison89 (at) facebook.com]